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Modifi Workspace was launched in Spring 2017 after two years of designing, engineering, prototyping, and more prototyping. Finally, the 100% tool-less office furniture concept was born and perfected! We knew we had major work to do to change the office furniture world:


Step 1: Modifi the Product

Acquiring a pending patent in 2017, Modifi is the only company in the world with a 100% tool-less furniture application. You needed easy installation – we made it a tool-less installation in seconds. You wanted transparent pricing – no secrets here. You couldn’t figure out which lines of furniture match up with others – we gave you completely universal furniture.


Step 2: Modifi the Process

The office furniture conundrum - Do you order from a dealer-based office furniture provider? Or, do you order from an online or chain furniture provider?

If ordering from a dealer-based provider, you must…

Contact a dealer, setup a meeting, choose finishes and design the desk, wait for a quote – that quote is too high. Revise the design and wait on a new quote, accept the quote, wait 5 weeks for the furniture, schedule the installers when they finally have an opening, and the furniture is ready.

If ordering from an online or chain provider, you receive…

Low-quality, assemble yourself (or pay an employee) furniture with absolutely no customization for your particular office.

NO MORE! Your furniture, your way, on your time, delivered to your doorstep. No more middleman to pay and coordinate, cutting mega dollars and weeks off of delivery time.


Step 3: Modifi Life

Choose your finish, add to cart, order, and reorder when it makes sense for your company. Get growing!

Brandon Heal

Chief Executive Officer


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